Using fluoride treatments to help prevent tooth decay

At Creekside Center for Comprehensive Dentistry in Vacaville, California, Drs. Shirin Hamed and Reza Moezi are dedicated to helping patients find ways to prevent tooth decay and protect their smiles from periodontal disease and cavities. For many, preventative dentistry is a way to prevent cavities from developing. One treatment, known as fluoride treatment or SDF dental treatment, plays a vital role in protecting the teeth from damage. We are pleased to offer this service to patients who want to avoid cavities and strengthen their natural teeth with fluoride applications.

What is fluoride, and how does it work to protect the smile?

Girl is Brushing Her Teeth

Fluoride is actually a natural mineral that helps to strengthen the enamel of our teeth. It works in dentistry by forming a protective layer on the surface of our teeth. This layer acts as a shield, similar to a dental sealant, helping to reduce the risk of bacteria attacking and causing decay. While it doesn’t replace daily brushing and flossing, it can be an extra step of protection to prevent dental problems in the future.

Who is a good candidate for SDF dental treatment?

SDF stands for silver diamine fluoride, and it is a type of fluoride treatment that is applied to the teeth as a liquid or gel right in the dentist’s chair. It is a non-invasive and painless option for patients who may have cavities or are at risk of developing them. Children, adults with sensitive teeth, and those with difficulty maintaining good oral hygiene habits can benefit from fluoride treatments and are encouraged to ask about regular applications. We also work with our patients and their dental insurance companies to determine if coverage will allow for low or cost-free treatment.

Are you considering ways to prevent tooth decay with our SDF dental treatment?

If you are considering fluoride treatments with our Vacaville, CA, area professionals at Creekside Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we invite you to book an appointment to speak with Drs. Shirin Hamed and Reza Moezi by calling (707) 392-3233 and visiting the office at 1350 Burton Drive. We proudly serve patients in and around Sacramento, Dixon, Suisun City, Winters, Woodland, Davis, and Fairfield, CA.