What is a dental bridge, and how does it work to restore the smile?

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When missing or extracted teeth are an issue within the mouth, patients must be conscious of replacing these teeth in a timely manner. Dental bridges are just one solution available at Creekside Center for Comprehensive Dentistry. Drs. Shirin Hamed and Reza Moezi of Vacaville, California, speak with patients who are good candidates for dental bridges to help them understand what they are and how they work to restore function, health, and beauty to the smile after tooth loss or extraction.

What is a dental bridge?

Let’s take a look at the dental bridge restoration to understand how it works in replacing one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are often made of porcelain and include false teeth called pontics fused to dental crowns on each side. The adjacent teeth surrounding the space left behind use the crowns as anchors, holding them where they need to be to function correctly. Dental bridges can replace a single tooth or several teeth in a row within the dental arch, making them an economical option for patients needing to replace a couple of teeth versus a single one.

What can I expect when getting a fixed dental bridge?

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Dental bridges are obtained with the help of our dental team at Creekside Center for Comprehensive Dentistry. We start by preparing the adjacent teeth. These teeth have some natural enamel removed to keep the new restoration from adding unwanted bulk to the smile. After preparation, molds or “impressions” are taken of these teeth to get a model that can be used to create the crowns and pontics for the smile. An outside ceramist fabricates the bridge to exact specifications so it matches the shape, color, and size of the surrounding teeth to blend in beautifully after bonding in place. The entire process typically takes just a couple of weeks and allows patients to smile with confidence again!

Schedule your consultation appointment to determine if dental bridges are suitable for your smile!

Patients of the Vacaville, California area who are interested in dental bridges or other restorations such as implants and dentures are welcome to call (707) 392-3233 to book an appointment at Creekside Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, conveniently located in the area at 1350 Burton Drive. With the help of our team, you can learn more about your available tooth replacement options and educate yourself further to decide if fixed bridges are appropriate for your unique needs.